Columbia City House

  • ubd: the cat left
    We bought a remodeling project in April 2009. Move-in was in June, remodel started in August. It's not quite a year since we moved in, and there has been great progress. And great adventure.

Nuevo En Mi Casa

  • A huge stack of notes for a recipe app.

  • New camera and a couple lenses: Canon Rebel XS. Super fun.

  • The realization that the porch needs painting this summer.

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If "blog" is an ugly word to you, what is a beautiful word?

Only occasionally do I find a beautiful word. I used to enjoy the beauty of some scientific names of living things. Lumbricus terrestrius was a nice one, for an earthworm. My all-time favorite name was, maybe still is, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis for the sea urchin. It just rolls really well off of my tongue.
One of the Cinderella movies of my youth had the fairy godmother exclaim about how excellent were the words windowsill and appledumpling.

Jus' john

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