Columbia City House

  • ubd: the cat left
    We bought a remodeling project in April 2009. Move-in was in June, remodel started in August. It's not quite a year since we moved in, and there has been great progress. And great adventure.

Nuevo En Mi Casa

  • A huge stack of notes for a recipe app.

  • New camera and a couple lenses: Canon Rebel XS. Super fun.

  • The realization that the porch needs painting this summer.

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elf in the basement

Hi Harry! I did think the last one was both the preachiest and the worst, but by then I was already sold on Pullman's world and in a forgiving mood. Did you see the movie? Other than a couple of scenes where they used high church outfits to make a Hollywood point, it's very watered down. More armored bear fighting; less theology.

jesus h. forkheimer

oh yes: cats can talk:


I have to say, speaking as an atheist, I found that the books were best when they were least anti-God; the initial descriptions of a strange parallel world were striking, but I thought that as they aimed higher, dramatically and theologically, they lost their way and became a bit dull.

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