Columbia City House

  • ubd: the cat left
    We bought a remodeling project in April 2009. Move-in was in June, remodel started in August. It's not quite a year since we moved in, and there has been great progress. And great adventure.

Nuevo En Mi Casa

  • A huge stack of notes for a recipe app.

  • New camera and a couple lenses: Canon Rebel XS. Super fun.

  • The realization that the porch needs painting this summer.

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elf in the basement

I'm pretty sure each show turns out to be carbon neutral, balanced by all the single-pane windows and sprawling single-family neighborhoods in the "City of Glass".

Honestly, I expect it's more about air particulate, which as I understand it, creates different problems. Fuel-wise, it's a hell of a lot better than Vancouver's other industries. I have yet to write about the crazy logging-tugboat river rodeo we watched...

Rob Lightner

Hey - I haven't really had time to be an asshole today, so I just thought I'd ask: What's the carbon footprint of a fireworks display?

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