Columbia City House

  • ubd: the cat left
    We bought a remodeling project in April 2009. Move-in was in June, remodel started in August. It's not quite a year since we moved in, and there has been great progress. And great adventure.

Nuevo En Mi Casa

  • A huge stack of notes for a recipe app.

  • New camera and a couple lenses: Canon Rebel XS. Super fun.

  • The realization that the porch needs painting this summer.

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dale hotep

that last graph made my brain go, "jill is a combination of hunter thompson and julia child, with some dorothy parker thrown in… more wine."

and finally, personally, i can't wait to be groped. the invasiver the better.



Jessie Brown

We were thinking about flying in February. Thanks to Boing Boing and NPR and CNN I have been giving this some thought lately. I've had my innards photod enough as well. But wow the groping thing is super offensive to me. Thanks underwear bomber dude.

I also have the dubious honor of wondering how I feel about having my puberty-stricken daughter faced with this type of invasiveness. Maybe barfy-junior will just have to enjoy a long car ride to the bay area.

Maybe if we're all lucky the blow-back from holiday travel will be enough to cut this down to size quickly. Sorry about the millions, and thank you Michael Chertoff (jackoff).


It's bothersome I weigh in my head my civil rights against TSA possibly wrecking my trip -- for no arguable increase in security.

An Atlantic blogger also doesn't like the back-scatter body scanner and is more willing to risk inconvenience than I. But that's certainly "work" time for him (including missing a flight).

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