Columbia City House

  • ubd: the cat left
    We bought a remodeling project in April 2009. Move-in was in June, remodel started in August. It's not quite a year since we moved in, and there has been great progress. And great adventure.

Nuevo En Mi Casa

  • A huge stack of notes for a recipe app.

  • New camera and a couple lenses: Canon Rebel XS. Super fun.

  • The realization that the porch needs painting this summer.

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dale hotep

well said, lady boom. in the face of senseless tragedy, everyone wants to point fingers, to assign blame — strange to lump D&D, metallica, and palin in the same bucket, but they've all been blamed for violence to which they had no causal relationship.

one can only hope that the tucson massacre results in reasonable discourse. but that is a vain hope, in this nation of short-sighted, self-involved, pill-guzzling idiots.

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